This and That

The other night I had a dream that I was a vampire. Blah, blah, blah, skip to the good part. And when I bit into the back of her neck, a brown liquid began oozing out.  The woman turned her head to face me and laughed, "It's chocolate!"
Someone please tell me what in the name of crazy does this dream mean?  Please note- I was premenstrual when I had this dream, and I had just come off a 5 week low carb-diet.  Never mind, dream decoders, I think I just figured this one out.
This weekend we celebrated Josie's 8th birthday with a tea party.  It was ever so lovely.  The girls had a splendid time sipping tea, pinkies up, and I had an even more splendid time listening to their giggles and conversations.
Today, I made Hayden get in my lap and let me rock him like a baby.  At first it was awkward because he is so big, and it had been so long, but man did it feel good.  I'm pretty sure he would tell you the same.
Lucas made my heart melt today when he told me I was his one true love.  I could tell by his expression that he so meant it, and I also knew in that moment that he will undoubtedly grow up to be a heart-breaker. Watch out ladies!
Matt and I have planned a nice little family camping trip for Mother's Day weekend.  Hopefully it will involve some canoeing and hiking and of course, hot dogs!