Spring Break

Yesterday we had a birthday party for Josie.  It was a Selena Gomez, slip n slide, trampoline, playhouse, makeup party.  I hope the girls had fun.  It was hard to tell because they were eerily quiet.

It's been a lightning fast spring break, and I definitely don't feel like I got enough chill days in.  I realize summer break is right around the corner, so I'm not going to let myself get too down about it.  We packed in quite a few events this week, most of which involved us being outdoors. (BTW-I hate you allergies) The highlight of our week was Seaworld.  Because Hayden read all 7 of the Harry Potter books, we let him choose which theme park he wanted to visit.  For sure we thought he would choose Universal Studios, but then he surprised us with Seaworld.  He may have regretted his decision after the fact, but he didn't say so.  Our visit to Seaworld was quick.  We arrived at 9:15 and departed at 2:15.  The heat and the walking were too much for Josie and Lucas, so we left with our souvenirs and sausage fingers and headed home. 

Daily Glass of Whine:

The amount of water this toilet holds is RIDICULOUS!!!!! I spend more time scrubbing this toilet than I do using it.

FYI- if you are interested in brewing beer, head on over to my hubby's blog The Frugal Brewer.

Rodman Campground

Matt nearly ripped his nipple off coming down out of this tree. OUCH!

The kids enjoyed a nice little easter egg hunt

Josie and Brady hanging by the fire.

Just might be the Jiffiest of Jiffy feet I ever did see.

Hayden found Nirvana while roasting marshmallows.

Josie was so exhausted from all the fun that she burst into tears as soon as we got into the car.  Now that is some hard playing:)

Poor baby was so tired she didn't even know what to do with herself.

This is me keeping my cool.  Notice Josie's face in the background. 
The Weaver's invited us to come out to the Rodman Campgrounds Friday afternoon.  They had a great set up- picnic table, grill, camper, boat, satellite TV.  The kids had a fantastic time playing together.  They rode bikes, slid down pine covered hills, climbed trees, hunted eggs, and wrestled in a dried up retention pond.  By the end of it all, my fair skinned children had turned a dusty shade of gray. In my entire life, I don't believe I've ever seen them so filthy.  Each time they snagged a new drink from the cooler, the dirt on their arms turned to mud.  The worst was when the dirt began sticking to their marshmallow covered faces.  We thought about taking them to the bath house to get rinsed off, but that just seemed like more trouble than it was worth.  Instead, we loaded their sweaty, sticky, dirt covered bodies into the car.  Josie was delirious from all the playing.  She had a blast but was not accustomed to being out in the heat for that extent of time, so she lost her mind when we got into the car.  Lucas and Hayden found her wailing to be quite comical, as did Matt and I. Thanks for the invite Weavers.  We had a great time, dirt and all.  My favorite part- watching the little ones try to take down Hayden.  Good Times!

Taco Night


Liv and Jo


Beautiful Princess

Luke loves hanging with the girls.  I can't say that they feel the same way.

My bff, Leaa, came over yesterday and brought her two precious little girls.  Alivia and Josie had a fabulous time playing dress up, and I had a fabulous time snuggling with baby Dylan.  My kids are convinced that Leaa is their Aunt and Jesse is their Uncle and Alivia and Dylan are their cousins.   I'm thinking we should just go with it.  I grew up calling my mom's bff- Aunt Jo and I still do to this day.
Aunt Leaa, we are so glad y'all were able to come enjoy taco night with the Bergs.  Let's do it again soon.

home sweet home

Luke fell off his tricycle.

Hayden reading- Eldest.

"Here Mommy"

Peeking behind the camphors.

Canning.  Canning.  Canning.

Wednesday night is my favorite night to watch television.  8:00- The Middle, 8:30- Better With You, 9:00- Modern Family. And guess what?  Today is Wednesday.  Ye-Haw! I'm gonna watch me some shows.  Last night we had tacoless tacos and tonight we had tortillaless fajitas.  I'm thinking tomorrow night we should have bunless hamburgers and maybe Friday night we can have noodleless spaghetti.  I joke, but really, dinner the last two nights has been quite excellent.  We had a very uneventful, yet wonderful weekend.  We started off early Saturday morning by hitting a few thrift stores.  Then we went to Lowe's and purchased an awesome shelving system.  Matt wanted it so that he could store all his brewing gizmos, and I wanted it so that I could make the kitchen look like a display at a corner market.  Home decor has always been a source of contention between Matt and I.  I tend to get a little themey with the decor and Matt is definitely more eclectic, which is probably a good thing.  Back in middle school I painted sunflowers all over my bedroom walls.  My bedroom always had a theme.  Then when Matt and I first got married, we both fell in love with Asian design.  Of course we could only afford knockoff knick knacks from Big Lots, but we thought it was wonderful.  I'm happy to say that our home is currently themeless.  No roosters in the kitchen or small, wooden birdhouses in the living room. I realize now that I must stay away from objects that could lead to themes.  It's just too tempting.  No themes, just love.  Home sweet home:)


Matt and I are going through a major Craigslist phase.  Anything that doesn't have functional or sentimental value is at risk of being sold on Craigslist.  It is such an easy way to sell things.  The only downside, besides the risk you take that the person you are dealing with could be a serial killer, is responding to all the inquiries from people who don't really intend on buying the item in the first place.  So far though, Craigslist has been an easy way for us to make a little extra money, and that is always a good thing.  Speaking of good things, I received an early birthday present today.  My friend, Belinda, had a funky little mini-apron made for me.  Some teachers scoff at mini-aprons, but I find them to be quite useful.  I can stuff the pockets full of treats for the sweet boys and girls, or I can take Pokemon cards and cell phones from the naughty children and store them safely in my apron pockets.  Matt hasn't yet asked me what I want for my birthday, but I have something in mind.  The No! No! Hair Removal System.  I realize that I'm probably just one of those chumps that falls for the magic of infomercials, but this little piece of technology seems amazing.  I don't even own it yet, but I have big plans for it.  Bye, Bye underarm hair!  I'm pretty sure that the No! No! Hair Removal System is out of our price range, so I have a back up gift- The Shark Floor Steamer.  We have hardwood and tile throughout the majority of the house, and each time I see the infomercial for the Shark Floor Steamer, I sigh.  I sigh because it looks like it works so wonderfully.  No harsh chemicals.  No messy mops or buckets.  Just pure steam.  While I'm on the topic of my birthday, let me tell you about my plan.  There are a few other girls from work that have birthdays in April, so we are going to celebrate together.  Four girls, out on the town, celebrating the gift of life. I've never participated in anything so movie-like.  I'm thinking the four of us should use the names- Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte (from Sex and the City) when we go out on the town.  I'm excited to see how it all plays out.  I'm sure there will  be a lot of laughing and a lot of mojitos and a lot of "Hallelujah FCAT is OVER!!!!!"


Poor Lukey had a rough night. Darn stomach bug!

We can't seem to keep Josie well, and the majority of last weekend was spent nursing her back to health.  I felt like crapholyo all week and passed out each afternoon when I got home from work.  Matt put up with me, but he didn't truly show me any sympathy until Wednesday afternoon when the yuck that had been creeping up on me for days was finally evident on my face, or should I say leaking from my face.  Cold medication was no match for the virus that invaded my head.  I slept the majority of the day Thursday, and by Friday the head cold was gone.  I now am a proud owner of a lovely dry cough, but I'll take that over a faucet face any day.  So, to celebrate the sickly week coming to an end, Matt and I decided to ride to Gainesville and see what kind of trouble we could get into.  Our first stop was to Hoggetown Ale Works.  Matt picked up a few supplies, and then we headed to Macaroni Grill.  After placing our order, we got a phone call from Grandma.  Lucas was sick- pukey sick.  When the food arrived, we quickly scarfed down as much as we could and boxed the rest.  Even though our date was cut short, we enjoyed each other's company.  The amount of words we exchanged in that 3-4 hour period far exceeded that of the previous week's words combined.  Hayden and Josie are still with Grandma and Big Daddy, so the Luke man has us all to himself and I can tell he is loving the attention.  Back tickles and cool wash cloths, who can blame him?