home sweet home

Luke fell off his tricycle.

Hayden reading- Eldest.

"Here Mommy"

Peeking behind the camphors.

Canning.  Canning.  Canning.

Wednesday night is my favorite night to watch television.  8:00- The Middle, 8:30- Better With You, 9:00- Modern Family. And guess what?  Today is Wednesday.  Ye-Haw! I'm gonna watch me some shows.  Last night we had tacoless tacos and tonight we had tortillaless fajitas.  I'm thinking tomorrow night we should have bunless hamburgers and maybe Friday night we can have noodleless spaghetti.  I joke, but really, dinner the last two nights has been quite excellent.  We had a very uneventful, yet wonderful weekend.  We started off early Saturday morning by hitting a few thrift stores.  Then we went to Lowe's and purchased an awesome shelving system.  Matt wanted it so that he could store all his brewing gizmos, and I wanted it so that I could make the kitchen look like a display at a corner market.  Home decor has always been a source of contention between Matt and I.  I tend to get a little themey with the decor and Matt is definitely more eclectic, which is probably a good thing.  Back in middle school I painted sunflowers all over my bedroom walls.  My bedroom always had a theme.  Then when Matt and I first got married, we both fell in love with Asian design.  Of course we could only afford knockoff knick knacks from Big Lots, but we thought it was wonderful.  I'm happy to say that our home is currently themeless.  No roosters in the kitchen or small, wooden birdhouses in the living room. I realize now that I must stay away from objects that could lead to themes.  It's just too tempting.  No themes, just love.  Home sweet home:)