No She Didn't

My brain is swimming with a million thoughts and images.  I can't seem to focus on any one topic for discussion, but because my posts have been lacking oomph lately, I feel compelled to at least try.  This post may just become one big dumping ground for all my woohoos, boohoos, and anyhoos, so I apologize in advance.  Let me start by saying that Christmas was amazing.  Everybody's mood was cheerful and relaxed.  Even the kids held it together for a full 24 hours and the time we spent with family and friends was not rushed or superficial.  The day after Christmas we took off to North Georgia for a family vacation.  Fifteen Perrys/Sheffields/Bergens buried in the snow.  It was glorious.  The kids made snowballs, built snowmen, made snow angels, rode four-wheelers, and tubed down snow covered hills.  Matt repeated the phrase "fresh powder" a good 500 times while we were there, and my mom couldn't stop taking pictures of the snow covered trees.  The snow made us all giddy and spirited.  I Loved It!
In other news, I decided to give myself a Christmas present this year.  A "big" one.  Actually, a "big" two.  Thanks to Dr. John Tyrone I am now a proud owner of a significantly larger chest area.  I had the surgery five days before Christmas, so the majority of my vacation was spent in pain.  The first few days weren't too bad.  In fact, I even bragged a little about how minimal the pain was.  Then I ran out of painkillers.  HELLO Mama Pain! I was not prepared for the radiating/throbbing pain that worked itself across each breast every 2-5 minutes.  After two full weeks of chest labor, I gave birth to two perfect baby girls.  Twins!  Although they feel completely fake, which like the pain, I was not prepared for, I am completely thrilled that I went through with the surgery.  I'm suddenly feeling a bit more Sandra Lee, and a lot less Rachel Ray.  I think that was enough oomph for one post.


katie said...

Congrats on your twins :)

Debbie said...

Congratulations!!!! I am sure they will bring you much Joy ")

The Perry's said...

I picked up my pictures today. Fifty pictures of snow and about four that my grandchildren are in. I think there is one picture of all of us. The snow was just to impressive. I still am amazed we were stuck and had so much fun. I thank God that we got to spend a few days together with no outside distractions. We are so blessed to have each other, imperfect, quirky, but we are a family who loves each other. I am glad the twins didn't stop you from having a memorable Christmas.