A person is a person no matter how BIG

I'm pretty sure that I could smell salt and suntan lotion in the air today, and I'm equally sure that I saw cellulite dimples on my calves. But not to worry.  Tomorrow like so many tomorrows before it,  my diet will begin.  I refuse to be held captive by my sarong this summer. So what is my game plan? 1.) cut back on sugar and carbs 2.) drink more water 3.) eat more fruits and veggies 4.) move more.

The difference between the diet that I will begin tomorrow and diets that I have tried in the past is that I am not doing it alone.  And there is money involved.  April 1st will be the last weigh in and on that day the winner will be presented with a wad of cash.  Obiviously my internal motivation is lacking, so maybe a little external motivation is just what I need.  I may decide to use this blog to journal some of my dieting struggles over the next few months, but I'm not sure yet.  We shall see...


Leaa said...

enjoy your last supper!!!!
love you-

Alyson and Ford said...

I'm hungry...then again, when am I not.
Just think. After today, only 56 days to go!

Corina said...

Money is always a great motivator! Good luck!