Update:  The recycling bins made it to the curb two Wednesdays ago.  Both bins are currently filled to capacity with plastic, aluminum, and paper.  This Wednesday is our recycling day, and we intend on both bins being placed at the curb for a second emptying. 

It is official- the longest book my eight year old has ever read, is also the longest book that I have ever read.

You should have seen the happy dance Hayden did when he finished  reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix- priceless!
My week was suckalicious, but yesterday made up for it.  The kids enjoyed a trip to the Dollar Tree and later played outside on their scooters, skateboards, and bikes.   I did nearly kill myself riding Hayden's skateboard with my mud boots on.  Luckily, my backside has lots of padding, so I am okay.  Matt made chicken mole for dinner and we all cleaned our plates.  We even continued with the recycling theme and took some used oil to the dump to be recycled.  All and all, a fun-filled day!

We have been trying to get Florida and Baby acquainted.  Both are a little skittish around each other, but in time I do believe they will become the best of friends.
I don't even know what to say about this.