Matt and I are going through a major Craigslist phase.  Anything that doesn't have functional or sentimental value is at risk of being sold on Craigslist.  It is such an easy way to sell things.  The only downside, besides the risk you take that the person you are dealing with could be a serial killer, is responding to all the inquiries from people who don't really intend on buying the item in the first place.  So far though, Craigslist has been an easy way for us to make a little extra money, and that is always a good thing.  Speaking of good things, I received an early birthday present today.  My friend, Belinda, had a funky little mini-apron made for me.  Some teachers scoff at mini-aprons, but I find them to be quite useful.  I can stuff the pockets full of treats for the sweet boys and girls, or I can take Pokemon cards and cell phones from the naughty children and store them safely in my apron pockets.  Matt hasn't yet asked me what I want for my birthday, but I have something in mind.  The No! No! Hair Removal System.  I realize that I'm probably just one of those chumps that falls for the magic of infomercials, but this little piece of technology seems amazing.  I don't even own it yet, but I have big plans for it.  Bye, Bye underarm hair!  I'm pretty sure that the No! No! Hair Removal System is out of our price range, so I have a back up gift- The Shark Floor Steamer.  We have hardwood and tile throughout the majority of the house, and each time I see the infomercial for the Shark Floor Steamer, I sigh.  I sigh because it looks like it works so wonderfully.  No harsh chemicals.  No messy mops or buckets.  Just pure steam.  While I'm on the topic of my birthday, let me tell you about my plan.  There are a few other girls from work that have birthdays in April, so we are going to celebrate together.  Four girls, out on the town, celebrating the gift of life. I've never participated in anything so movie-like.  I'm thinking the four of us should use the names- Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte (from Sex and the City) when we go out on the town.  I'm excited to see how it all plays out.  I'm sure there will  be a lot of laughing and a lot of mojitos and a lot of "Hallelujah FCAT is OVER!!!!!"


Alyson and Ford said...

You are too funny with your birthday wish list! What happened to cake, balloons, gold jewelery (you know, sparkly stuff) or a night at the beach? Have fun on your birthday night out!