Poor Lukey had a rough night. Darn stomach bug!

We can't seem to keep Josie well, and the majority of last weekend was spent nursing her back to health.  I felt like crapholyo all week and passed out each afternoon when I got home from work.  Matt put up with me, but he didn't truly show me any sympathy until Wednesday afternoon when the yuck that had been creeping up on me for days was finally evident on my face, or should I say leaking from my face.  Cold medication was no match for the virus that invaded my head.  I slept the majority of the day Thursday, and by Friday the head cold was gone.  I now am a proud owner of a lovely dry cough, but I'll take that over a faucet face any day.  So, to celebrate the sickly week coming to an end, Matt and I decided to ride to Gainesville and see what kind of trouble we could get into.  Our first stop was to Hoggetown Ale Works.  Matt picked up a few supplies, and then we headed to Macaroni Grill.  After placing our order, we got a phone call from Grandma.  Lucas was sick- pukey sick.  When the food arrived, we quickly scarfed down as much as we could and boxed the rest.  Even though our date was cut short, we enjoyed each other's company.  The amount of words we exchanged in that 3-4 hour period far exceeded that of the previous week's words combined.  Hayden and Josie are still with Grandma and Big Daddy, so the Luke man has us all to himself and I can tell he is loving the attention.  Back tickles and cool wash cloths, who can blame him?