Summer Stay

I can't believe there are only four more days left in June. The summer is passing way too quickly. In fact, I'm pretty sure I saw back to school clothes in stores already. Up until recently, I would have been counting down the days till fall. In fact, sometimes I would put out my fall decorations at the end of August. I loved it because fall was the kick off to the holiday season. The temperature drops slightly, making life in Florida a little more bearable. But I'm not so fond of fall anymore. Fall now signifies the end to countless hours of coffee drinking and television watching. It means deadlines, lesson plans, homework, but most of all a ROUTINE. Gosh, how I hate that word. Josie and Hayden are enjoying the summer just as much as we are. Some days they will ask, "Did we take a bath today?" and my response is, "I don't know. Did you?" The only bad part about summer is that the kids are eating every thirty minutes on the dot. Luckily Hayden and Josie are old enough to get most of the snacks themselves. There are many more days left before summer break is over, and I will try to savor every minute. I am making a promise to myself not to dread the coming of fall, but I can guarantee I will not be hanging any scarecrows on my front door come August.


marmee said...

Katy, how lovely! Thanks for sharing and we look forward to more posts!
Love, Marmee
PS **Happy Summer!**

Leaa said...

way to blog Katy. looking forward to it!-Leaa