Mini Quilt Set

I had a little mini meltdown today.  Maybe it was because I was so hungry my stomach started trying to digest itself or maybe it was because mommy(me) and children had a little too much together time.  I'm guessing it was a little of both;  luckily for all involved, as fast as the meltdown came, it went.  The morning started out great; I drank some coffee, watched my man Matt Lauer, made the kids breakfast (cereal), I even got a little crafty.  Then I decided that I wanted to go to Target.  My plan was to drive to St. Augustine, go straight to the bedding department, pick out the quilt that I've placed in my online shopping cart 1,000 times before and leave.  Simple and efficient, which is the only kind of plan to have when you are dragging three kids along for the ride.  When I informed the kids that we were going to Target, Hayden let out an exasperated sigh followed by the cringe worthy question, "Can I get a toy?"  I actually believe it was that one question which set my mini meltdown into motion.  In the last week alone Hayden has gotten a slime hand, cap gun, skunk ball, and a PS3 game.  He has stayed the night out twice in the last week, played golf with his cousin and BB, eaten at numerous restaurants, and so on and so forth.  When Josie and Hayden learned that neither would be receiving a prize for participating in my oh so quick jaunt to Target, they began melting off the couch like the Wicked Witch of the West and onto the floor where together they created the most colorful puddle I'd ever seen.  On my way to get the mop, the phone rang.  It was my mom (Mimi). She asked if the kids and I wanted to go swimming at the Country Club Pool.  My heart was screaming, "No, go to Target.  You deserve that white and tan mini quilt set!"  But my mind was saying, "Katy, dear-dear Katy, do you really want to carry a mop around Target to sop up all those colorful puddles of deprived, toy less children?"  Obviously I went with my head, and agreed to meet my mom at the pool because who really wants to push a buggy and carry a mop at the same time?  Not me.  As soon as I said yes, resentment set in.  But my hair, I thought, I straightened my hair for nothing.  I'm never going to get that mini quilt set.  The kids always get their way.  I don't have a bathing suit that fits me.  I'm fat.  I'm hungry.  And so on.  "We're going to the pool," I mumbled, and in record time the kids were dressed. Luke was trying to put on his swimmies before we even got out of the door.  Then I flipped it on them.  "Kids, we are going to go to Target.  I'll be real quick.  Then we will go to the pool."  But before I even got to the stop sign at the end of my road, I knew that my plan was destined for failure.  My hunger was so overwhelming that the only logical thing to do was to get food, but from where?  It was 10:30 in the morning.  Would I get breakfast or lunch?  Then I saw a McDonald's semi truck.  Question answered.  Two cheeseburgers later, I almost felt like myself again, but there was still one more thing I needed to do before I could take my kids to the pool.  I needed a bathing suit.  "We're going to JcPenny because I don't have a bathing suit that fits me," I said. 
"Isn't that weird, mom, that you keep exercising but your clothes are getting too little for you?" asked Josie.
"That is sooooo weird, Josie.  I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I just ate two cheeseburgers."
Thank goodness for JcPenny because they had a bathing suit that actually fit me and looked decent.  I payed more than I wanted to pay, but that single purchase saved my sanity today and allowed me to enjoy an afternoon of swimming with my 3 deprived and toy less children.  Oh, and I do still intend on buying myself that mini quilt set from Target.  And if you were wondering how many times I could possibly write mini quilt set in one post, well, mini quilt set, mini quilt set, mini quilt set.


Leaa said...

Honestly, I thtink you might be my favorite blogger......and my reads a lot of blogs:)
loves you-