I'm Back! Maybe?

I can't believe it has been four months since I last posted.  Seems that time just has a way of passing too quickly these days.  Two thousand twelve has been kind to the Bergens thus far. No hospitalizations or incarcerations, so that is a plus.  The Bergens have officially joined the RV club.  Matt spent months in a drooling coma while online window shopping RVs.  I couldn't take it, so I caved and granted him permission to purchase.  I have that kind of power you know. 
Life on the home front has been somewhat chaotic as of late.  Countless times I have sat at the computer ready to type, only to be side-tracked by the mounds of trinkets and tiddlywinks that are scattered all around me.  I stack a pile, move a pile, toss a pile, and curse a pile, but the trinkets and tiddlywinks multiply like gremlins.  I need some feng shui in my life, and on Saturdays for about 3 hours after I complete my cleaning routine, I have it.  Then sometime between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM, it gets un-feng shuied.  My new addiction to Pinterest is helping me come up with all kinds of ideas to organize my living space.  I haven't put any of the ideas into practice yet, but I intend to, maybe, probably, probably not.  I do love Pinterest though, even if I won't complete, make, or buy a fourth of the things I pin.  It's fun.  It's good, clean, harmless fun, and that is not easy to come by.  I'm hoping that this post will be the first of many for 2012, so stay tuned for more rants, raves, and adventures from the Bergens.