Sick and Haunted

Sickness abounds! Last week it was Josie with strep throat; this week it is Lucas with an ear infection. Next week I'm predicting will be Hayden's turn. Maybe he will come down with a flu virus on Christmas Eve-Tis the season to be snotty, oops, I mean jolly. Matt and I have stayed quite healthy this school year, although we do both fight a daily battle with migraines. So as to not suffer in vain, we like play a game called "Top My Migraine." Matt wins when he pukes from the pain, and I claim victory when my arms go numb. The victor is awarded the medal of agony; it is really quite an honor. I'm beginning to wonder if migraines are like yawns. Some days I'm completely headache free, then Matt will waltz in with a grimace on his face and proclaim, "My head is killing me." Slowly the pressure in my head begins to build. Finally I'll pronounce, "I have a headache, too." But enough with the sick talk. Let's talk GHOST. I've been a believer since I watched my first episode of Unsolved Mysteries. There were always families claiming that their homes were haunted. These seemingly ordinary people would list the many ways that the ghostly occupant was terrorizing their family. Week after week these families would recount the horrors of living with these ghostly spirits. "Why don't they just move?" I would repeat to myself. "It's not that difficult. Just pack up and boot scoot boogie out of there." But these families never did move and now I find myself in the same predicament. What predicament you ask? Well, Matt and I have been hearing footsteps. We have wood floors, so it is pretty obvious when someone is walking down the hallway. Many nights we just ignore the footsteps, but some nights Matt will peek his head out the bedroom door expecting to see a child heading to our room, but nothing. No one is ever there. Then he will walk into the kids room to check on them, and they will be sound asleep. Freaky! When this is the case, Matt comes leaping like a leprechaun back into our room, bounces onto the bed, and then pulls the covers up to his eyeballs and shivers like he just drank curdled milk. At that point I know that my bladder is in for a long night because this mama is not lowering the covers below her chin. So far, footsteps and random noises are the only sign of a ghostly presence in our home. Pretty harmless stuff I guess. I'll keep you posted on our ghostly happenings, but until then- Au revoir