Crime Wave

Sooooo, Matt calls me at work and is all like, "We've been robbed." And I'm all like, "You're joking." And he is all like, "No. I'm serious, Katy."
Okay, enough with the reenactment, but that is word for word the beginning of our conversation on Thursday, January 22, 2009 @ 1125 am. The rest of that short conversation consisted mainly of boohoos and oh my gods. Unfortunately, I was standing in front of about 20 4th graders when I received the news, and I'm pretty sure based on my reaction that they thought someone had died. I reassured them that no one had died and quickly raced home. Luckily, not much was taken- our laptop, a digital camera, a ring, a bracelet, a Vera Bradley diaper bag, some coins, two boxes of bullets for the shotgun, and a package of slice cheese. I'm serious; they took cheese! The intruder(s) kicked in the french doors at the back of the house. We think something must have spooked them because not much was taken. It quite possibly could have been Matt that spooked them because he came home early from work. I was extremely worried that the thousands of pictures we had saved on the laptop were gone forever-POOF! Thank goodness that was not the case because we had saved them all on a flash drive over the Christmas holidays. Once I realized the pictures were safe, I felt much better. Crime is WAY up in our town. My sister-n-law's house was broken into today. She lives about 5 miles away from us. When she came home from taking her kids to school, she saw that her front door was kicked in. The burglar took 3 laptops and 2 guns. Cars and homes have been getting burglarized left and right this month, so everyone in town is on edge. Since I have no one to blame at this point, I'm going to blame the economy. Although, the jerk that robbed our house probably didn't just get laid off from his job, and he probably doesn't want a job. Karma- I'm a believer!


The Finley's said...

I'm new to your blog and actually found you through mommy blogs. Hope it's okay that I added you. I to live in Florida, east coast. I hear something new about home break-in's seems like every morning I turn the news on.

Oh my gosh....Thank God no one was home at the time. Yes, I believe everything you said is true, I would blame the economy too! But, like you said he probably didn't have a job, a bunch of unruly kids in my opinion. Hang in there...