5k Shuffle

My head feels like one of those "tornado in a bottle" science projects we all made in fifth grade.  This twister in my skull began yesterday during a hot, bumpy bus ride to Ocala and has continued through this evening.  Despite the swishing fluids in my brain, I did manage to take a run this afternoon. Okay, cross out the word run and replace it with shuffle.  I did manage to take a shuffle this afternoon. I've been secretly shuffling for about 2 months now.  My family and neighbors are aware of my shuffling, but I still consider it to be a secret because I haven't posted anything about it on facebook.  One day soon though, my status update will read: Katy is about to run a 5k.  I've been very careful not mention my attempting to run in a 5k this summer because I didn't want to jinx myself, but I actually ran 2 miles straight last weekend, so I'm feeling a bit more confident.  I have until mid July to build up to that 3rd mile, but this Florida heat is killing me.  I sometimes try to imagine how terrible I look huffing and puffing down the road.  Sweat spewing from every pore (even my palms sweat).  Lobster red face.  Muffin top bouncing. Yes, I do look a bit like a huff-a-lump, but hey, I'm trying.  So, if you see a gal shuffling along highway 17 with a purple face and inner tube belly, please don't pull over or call 911. I promise I'm not having a stroke, I just look like I am.


Anonymous said...

You go girl!! Running the Gate River Run that first year was probably THE best thing I've ever accomplished! It was hard... but it was AMAZING! You can do it... don't give up!