It's just for FUN.

I went back to Dollar Tree today and picked up a few more Halloween decorations.  It is beginning to look like a "for reals" haunted house up in here.  The kids are super psyched about Halloween, as am I.  They haven't decided what they want to be yet, but I'm sure whatever they pick will be awesome.  I made this video today, and to my surprise, it turned out rather spooky.  My voice drags at the end because I set the video to slow motion. It sounds a little creepy but mostly it just sounds silly.  I think it will make you laugh.  When Matt watched it he looked at me like, "This is what you have been doing the last hour and a half?"  I had to laugh because when I watched it with him, I was thinking the same thing.  I apologize for my weirdness beforehand and I do hope you enjoy.  Happy Halloween Everyone!  (I know it is way too early to be saying that but whatever)