We gonna light it up like it's dynamite

My children are obsessed with the song "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz.  Hayden was the first to start singing the song 24/7.  Now everyone is singing and/or humming it.  Dang Earworm!  Amazingly, the kids have found a new way to make this song more annoying (can you believe that is even possible?).  They wrinkle up their faces and sing "Dynamite" in the most nasal voice you can imagine.  Here is a quick video of Lucas singing "Dynamite", dancing, and battling Hayden with a lightsaber- He is a TRIPLE THREAT!!!! Justin Bieber better watch out!


Leaa said...

omg. I might have to eat Lucas he is so cute:) LOVE this!

cathy said...

Don't you just love to get those moments on video? How adorable!