I'm sitting here listening to "Airplanes" by Local Natives-thanks Marsha B.- and I am feeling surprisingly RELAXED.  I am fearful of using that word to describe my mood because undoubtedly a child will soon shriek for some unknown reason and the tension that has plagued my body will return and transform me back into a plus sized mannequin. I've been tense people.  My indecisive body doesn't know how it wants to manifest the stress- back acne, bladder infection, yeast infection, migraine, diarrhea?  It has been teasing me for weeks with varying degrees of all the above mentioned symptoms. Kudos to all the optimist in the world. Maybe I'm feeling better today because my face looks less like a slice of pepperoni pizza and more like the crescent-moon shaped corn chip I'm accustomed to seeing.  Maybe I'm feeling better because the family enjoyed a fun evening in the back yard-fire pit, chill in the air, rope swing, light saber battles, and marshmallows.  Or maybe I'm feeling better because I am choosing to feel better.  I often roll my eyes when folks say You are as happy as you choose to be.  Maybe that is true sometimes.  I can't always blame everything on my DNA, except for maybe my impressive abundance of armpit hair.  With my dad's upcoming triple bypass, I have no choice but to be optimistic.  I may have to Google "optimism"  and do a little research on the topic, but I've got time- my dad is worth it:)