Kids Sick, Dad Mending, Halloween Ova'

OMG.  All three kids are sick.  Super sick.  Flu sick.  Matt and I haven't slept in two nights, so we are beyond delirious.  On the bright side, at least all three kids are sick at the same time so we can get this done in one big shabang.  Oh, did I forget to mention, my dad is HOME!!!!  He was in ICU for quite some time, but his 13 year old transplanted kidney held up to the strain of bypass heart surgery.  The doctors bypassed two large arteries but left a blockage in a smaller artery.  The risk outweighed the benefit of bypassing it.  I can't say that I wasn't completely freaked by my dad's appearance after the surgery, and I did stress about the complications that followed, but I remained optimistic.  I felt the love that friends and family were sending, so thank you everyone.  The power of kind words is incredible. 

Enough about health problems, let's talk about something else.  Halloween is OVER!!! YEE-HAW!  I know what you are thinking But you were so excited about Halloween, and that is true, but I sort of ruined it for myself by decorating way too early.  The spiderwebs that covered every inch of my living and dining room were removed by 10:00AM on October 31st.  The remaining decor was placed inside a Rubbermaid container by noon.  A few fall leaves still grace the mantel, but the claustrophobic feeling has left the building.  I've come to the conclusion that my house is just too small for so much holiday cheer.  Come December 1st this realization my very well be forgotten or suppressed, so please feel free to remind me Katy, your house is 5 square feet larger than a playhouse, so go easy on the garland.  I promise I won't be offended, and if I am, I won't tell you to your face, I'll just talk about you behind your back and plot your demise during the wee hours of the morning.