You Say You Want a Revolution

While I type away on the interweb, Matt is busy building this family a second bathroom.  What can I say, he is a go-getter.  When it comes to tearing down a wall or ripping up a floor, Matt has no fear.  He has what I like to call the "Let's get this **** done" mentality, which I find extremely sexy.  I wonder if he thinks my "This **** can wait" mentality is sexy.  Probably not.  The new bathroom will consist of a toilet and a pedestal sink.  We were hoping that maybe we could squeeze a small shower into the corner, but no luck there.  The space is just too small.  I have been dreaming about an extra bathroom since we moved in 5 years ago.  At the time, creating that space didn't seem so urgent, but now each morning our bathroom becomes an episode of "Survivor."  Those that get voted off have to spit their mouthwash into the kitchen sink, while the winner triumphantly swishes and spits into the bathroom sink and then for spite, swishes and spits one more time.  Okay, I'll admit it, I'm exaggerating slightly.  Although I do occasionally brush my teeth in the kitchen, only so as not to elbow a child in the face.  This half bath could quite possibly revolutionize the morning interactions between the Bergen clan.  No more Hurry Ups and door slamming.  No more shoulder bumping to get a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.  No more on purpose, I mean accidental elbows to the ribs.  I'm talking about a John Lennon sized revolution.  Who knew a half bath could be so life changing?  I guess I'm not even sure yet.  But really people, how could it not?