Giving Thanks

The kids spent Sunday playing with a few dozen toys that I found buried at the bottom of their toy box.  I rescued these forgotten toys in hopes of gaining a few moments of peace, and it worked.  Josie and Lucas spent hours lining up cars vertically and horizontally.  The front door remained open throughout the day and the fresh air poured in.  My hopes were that the flu bugs, like moths, would go toward the light.  I didn't see it happen, but my psychic intuition tells me that it did.  My psychic intuition also tells me that I will be forever plagued with dry, cracked heels, but that is a topic for another day.  
I've been seeing many people on Facebook counting down the days to Thanksgiving by stating daily one thing that they are thankful for.  This got me to thinking.  Of course I am thankful for my family, friends, a job, and a cozy place to live, but I feel it is worth while to be more specific, so here I go- in no particular order.
I am Thankful for:
*the extra lubricated foot massages Josie willingly and enthusiastically gives me each week.
*the way Hayden slyly works his head into my lap so that I can rub it.
*Lucas's spontaneous I Love Yous.
*Matt's emotional connection to a song that then makes me emotionally connected to a song.
*mornings when everyone sleeps in till seven.
*moments when I realize that I am completely content.
*my health and my family's health.
*family vacations.
*carefree conversations with my husband.
*parents and in-laws that love my family unconditionally.
*aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends that keep my family smiling.
*a car that doesn't make me feel totally uncool.
*job security. 
*each morning I see the sun rising above the St. Johns River as I drive over the bridge on my way to work.
*giggles and belly laughs.
*tight hugs and spooning.

 And so the season for thanks and giving begins.
What are you Thankful for?


Alyson and Ford said...

What a wonderful list! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Alyson aka: Alyzabeth's Mommy for Two Years