'Tis better

I'm chubby and I've been eating like a chubby person for the past thirty years.  I am actually pretty lucky that I'm not obese.  But I don't feel lucky.  I feel pissed.  Pissed that I let myself get this big.  Pissed that I feel tired all the time.  Pissed that my reflection is not enough motivation to make me not want to shove a fist full of french fries into my pie hole.  I feel confident that I can lose the weight, but what I'm not confident about is whether or not I can keep it off.  That is why I have waited so long to give it a real try.  What is that saying?  'Tis better to have loved and lost, Than never to have loved at all.   I think that saying applies to weight loss as well.  'Tis better to have lost weight and gained it back, than to never have lost weight at all.  Food is not the enemy.  My addiction to food is.  If I am sad, a cheeseburger can make me happy.  If I am happy, a cheeseburger can make me happier.  I can't let myself fear the future.  Maybe I will lose thirty pounds and maybe I will gain fifty back. Or maybe I won't gain it back.  Is it really worth worrying about?  No.  It's just a sorry excuse for not wanting to give up Doritos, and man do I love Doritos:)