Summer Update

Well, HHHEEEELLLOOOOO summer!  You have been missed.  The end of school year stress that I was feeling just weeks ago has been replaced with sweet relaxation.  Coffee till noon.  Wine till dusk.  No worries.  No hurries.  What's not to love? Mosquitoes, smoke, suffocating heat- yeah that stuff sucks but not enough to make me feel anything less than elated that my vacation is in full swing.

About a month ago Matt bought a used conversion van.  It reminds me of a Velcro sneaker.  Dorky as hell but so practical and comfortable.  We've gone for an evening cruise almost every night since we got it.  Movie on.  Headphones on.  Interior lights on.  Shades down.  Straight pimpin'.  The best part is that Matt and I can actually talk to each other in the car.  The kids absolutely love it, and we do too.

Since I'm going to have a little time on my hands, I mentioned to Matt that I am thinking about learning to cook.  On Monday night I heated up a Digiorno pizza and tonight I made a box of Kraft macaroni.  So far, so bad:(

If you follow my blog, you know that I have issues with my dry, cracked heels.  I found a product, Blue Goo Cracked Heel, that has helped my feet tremendously.  I promised myself months ago that once my heels no longer resembled the Grand Canyon, I would reward myself with a pedicure.  Guess what?  Now I have a toe fungus.  Yuck!  I can't believe I'm writing this, but the truth is the truth.  My big toe looks like it belongs to an 80 year old hobo.  I guess my pedicure will have to wait.

The family is loving Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet.  Matt and I giggle each time they use the word squatch on the show.  I think it could actually become a fun drinking game.  We're also thinking about getting a sticker made for the car that says- Squatch Life.  Yeah, we're fans. 

Hayden started taking Karate lessons on Monday.  I was all excited that he picked an indoor sport.  When I took him to class, I was shocked to find out that the studio does not have air conditioning (by choice I might add).  I sat and sweat for an hour and a half watching my son kick and chop his way to near exhaustion.  Incredibly, he loved it! 


Margaret said...

Hope you will write lots this summer, Katy. I really enjoy reading your blog posts.