My Jo

Josie has been so full of life this weekend. She informed me this afternoon that she likes the newborn My Little Pony I bought her from WalMart but that next time she would prefer me to get her something that will make her scream. If you are not sure what she meant by this let me explain. What she meant was that the next time I buy her a toy, she wants me to pull her surprise out of the bag and it be so glorious that she explodes with happiness and shrieks with delight. What a PRINCESS! Then tonight at the dinner table she flatly stated, "Every night it is the same thing, dinner, wii, dinner, wii." She was referring to Matt and Hayden's nightly routine. She is already such a little lady. Her funniest remark came the other day when I asked her if I was pretty. She thought for a minute then replied, "Yes, you are very pretty and I am very pretty too." You're right I assured her, we are both very pretty. Then she smirked and said, "I was going to just say that you are very pretty, but I didn't want to hurt my feelings." She is a hoot and a half. I swear she is nothing like me. Sometimes I think she is from another planet. Josie lives in a world of pretend and spends her days making up songs and dances. She is like a living, breathing Disney character. If she wasn't so shy, she would make a wonderful child actor. She understands humor and relationships and expressions. I just wish all of my family and friends could know her the way Matt and I know her. She is both a joy and a stubborn mule, and I love both because without either she would not be my "Jo."