So help me God

I need to go to sleep. I've been up since 4:00 am because Hayden woke up with a fever of 105.7- terrifying I know, and guess what? I still went to work. I wanted to rush him to the ER, but Matt convinced me otherwise. Hayden has a tendency to run high fevers, but this fever topped all. After a dose of Motrin and some wet rags on the head, his fever came down quickly. Hayden has been sick since Saturday, so Matt stayed home today and took him to the doctor. The doctor did blood work, but we will have to wait 48 hours before we know anything. Dr. Jump suspected it was probably a virus, and he is most definitely right because tonight Josie started running a fever- JOY! When it rains it pours. So now I will stay home tomorrow, which means I will have to call in, and I hate calling in. The minute I begin to give my reason for not coming to work my voice gets all shaky and I begin to talk fast, which are the two biggest signs of a liar. But I never lie; I just feel like the person I'm speaking with will think my story is crap. Why does that bother me so badly? I'm not sure. I guess it has something to do with me being a compulsive people pleaser. But I will put my anxiety aside tomorrow and do my mommy duty; I will call my workplace and inform them that I will not be there because I have two sick babies that need their mommy- and that is the truth so help me God!