Daily Glass of Whine:

This is not a picture of a tree from my hometown, but we have plenty of trees that look just like this. I understand the need to trim a tree that is situated near power lines, but this just looks stupid.  I realize this is probably not the most earth friendly suggestion, but rather than give poor trees hack jobs, why not just cut them down?  


sushiluvr said...

They should bury the power lines and leave the trees alone.

Fred said...

The power companies do strange things for strange reasons. Underground is too expensive they say but tree trimming year after year is too, not to mention outages that cause lose of revenue. (number of people out X time) In the example you have, if you notice, there are no trees across the street. Wonder why? Look at my house...trees on my side, power line on my side of the road and the line is a feeder while there are no trees on the other side because it's a potato field. No trees, no trimming, no outages.. But the farmers want to utilize every square inch. Farmers are generally just corporate potato producers (generally rich) utilizing the ground water and converting it into a package called a potato. Then that water is shipped someplace to have the water removed and made into a potato chip. Yea! Then there is the excess irrigation water with nitrates that makes there way past my house and goes into the St Johns river. Wayne told me that one of the worst places for this run off is just North of us...Deep Creek. All the ditches from all the farms East and Southeast of us...Hastings, Flagler Estate way.. Yes, some people are more important. The house (mansion) on SR206 on the way to the beach didn't want the lines to go in front of his house and made a phone call to Miami to a Director friend and though it cost thousands of dollars more, the line went around and behind. Impossible me or you. We would have to pay the cost deferential if they would do it at all. Also, I was part of a study that proved the obvious. If you put poles are on the outside of a curve and a car runs off the road it will almost always be on the outside of the curve. If he hits a pole he will A. cause himself serious injury and B. cause an outage. I investigated almost every outage due the vehicles, even one that hit a trasmission line, (Mega outage hours) then it was proven by "Quality Improvement" statistics with charts et al. Also, my boss who was an nuclear electrical engineer had been visited by the devil twice. The head boss (manager) said that we should put out our God first, then our company second because our family was dependent on that job. When he was a nobody when I first started at FPL, he had a George Wallace doormat in his office at work. That was acceptable. He was President of the Chamber of Commerce and is still a somebody in the community. Married a big "M". Even teaches some kind of seminars at the college every so often. So now you know more than you wanted to and why my job drove me crazy. I actually liked my job, it was the excrement that was difficult. I had a difficult time maneuvering it that environment. And I'm sure it effected my home life. Even now, as I write, I feel my face get warm. Love, Bapu