De-stress like Mama Kate

Stress is not only my middle name, it is my first and last name as well. If you also have a problem with stress, try a few of my tips for de-stressing:

1. lay on your stomach in the bathtub (sounds really weird I know, but it is so relaxing)*
2. lay on your back and let your head or upper body hang off a bed or couch*
3. lay on your back on a hard floor in a quiet room(no pillow) *
4. lay on your stomach on a hard floor in a quiet room(no pillow)*
5. when going to sleep, lay on your back in bed, one pillow under your head and one vertically on top of your stomach and chest
6. lay flat on your back on your couch, hang both legs over the arm of the couch- the back of your knees should touch the arm of the couch*
7. stretch, stretch, stretch
The word lay appeared in 6 of the 7 tips, so I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you are stressed, lay down.  Not very scientific, I know, but some of these positions really do help me feel relaxed, and two glasses of wine don't hurt either!
*do for 3-4 minutes for maximum stress relief