Easy Living

A few of these pictures were taken at the Azalea Festival parade. It was definitely a small town parade, but all the more reason to love it. The parade was just a few blocks from our house, so we walked there. As you can tell from the picture of Josie, she didn't care very much for the whole affair. When she doesn't have anything to complain about, but she is in the mood to complain, she relies on her immediate and all too real life threatening need for "drink" as her backup complaint. So while we all enjoyed the smiling faces and antique cars, Josie whispered incessantly in my ear that she was thirsty and wanted to go home. The other pictures were taken at the Alligator Farm. We took Hayden there for his 7th birthday in February, and the kids had a ball. We bought annual passes, so we can go now anytime we want. The weekend after Hayden's birthday, we took all three kids to the Alligator Farm. They were amazed and enjoyed being out in the fresh air. Josie was so entertained that she didn't even mention being thirsty. Miracle! The last picture is of Lucas jamming with the headphones on. He loves to listen to music through the headphones. I think he would wear them all the time if we let him. So as you can see, we've been enjoying the weather and each other the last few months. Life is slowly getting easier and boy am I relieved.