Buy It-Use It-Love It

I should be grading papers or writing lesson plans, but hey, I'm off the clock.  Instead, I think I'll use my free time to fill you in on my latest and greatest discovery- blue goo Cracked Heel.  I've battled heel fissures for most of my adult life.  I've spent countless hours sanding and massaging my heels only to have them return to there naturally callused state within hours.  I have been using blue goo for a week and immediately I noticed a difference.  The emu oil/beeswax concoction is somewhat greasy, but it absorbs into the skin very quickly.  It's a miracle really.  I wish to goodness I would have taken a before and after picture.  You would be amazed!  I purchased blue goo from Walmart, but I'm sure you can get it just about anywhere.  If I could find a blue goo bumper sticker, I would put it on my car.  That is how much I love this stuff! 


Alyson and Ford said...

I used to have a heel problem too, but at some point it went away. Glad you have cured yours!

(Alyzabeth's Mommy)